Considering Moving to Ajax Ontario?

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Ajax is a place with diverse cultures and with historical backgrounds. It is worth noting that the history of the city traces its roots back to the second world war when a company known as Defense Industrial limited played a vital role not only in producing items that complimented world war efforts but also in its workers started purchasing land in the locality and this led to the development of the town. So, what are some of the facts you should know about Ajax?

Ajax is a home for everyone, and the inhabitants are welcoming. With diverse cultures, there are always cultural events and programs organized to celebrate diversity and bring a sense of inclusivity. English is used as a second language to help learners and newcomers to connect and socialize. Also, part of cultivating inclusivity includes attending Durham Pride Paradise and Festival Day; a day celebrated and honored by Ajax residents. Here residents engage in fun activities, and the event helps in fostering relationships.

There are many alternatives for moving around Ajax, as the town is best connected to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. The town has proximity to Toronto, and many residents usually commute daily to Toronto for work. For those owning vehicles, it takes about six minutes to drive, and the most used highway and road are Highway 401 and road in the Windsor-Quebec City Corridor, respectively. Likewise, commuters can access Durham Regional Transit (DRT) to move around the city and interlink with communities around. In addition, commuters can also move around Ajax by Ajax GO train station to access many DRT bus stops. You will easily access other cities while living in Ajax.

Deciding to move to Ajax will not only be the best decision but also will allow you to live in a serene environment away from the big city. Moving into Ajax should not pose a challenge to you as Canadian CT Movers Inc. are here to help relocate. We will take care of your moving needs and ensure the safe transportation of all your things. Contact us at 416-857-1500 for any inquiry or more information about our moving services or get a quotation. Feel free to visit us in person at 13035 Bathurst Street, Richmond-Hill ON or simply book a moving date online on our website’s homepage.