Moving to Ajax Ontario!

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Have you considered moving to Ajax, Ontario? Is it your dream place? Well, you are in the right place, as Ajax, Ontario, is a town of many possibilities. The town is situated in the lower part of the Greater Toronto area and has a population of 126,666 inhabitants. It is named after a Royal Navy Cruiser, and with its unique scenery, the town is situated along Lake Ontario, where there are plenty of walking rails. The diverse culture is conducive for a family interested in settling outside the city. Consider the following benefits of moving and relocating to Ajax, Ontario.

A Safe Community

Ajax has the best security, and it is very safe for its inhabitants. Families relocating to the town are assured of their safety as the crime rate is reported at 34%, which is below the average crime rate nationally. Even with an increased population over a period of five years, crime rates have remained constant. The town pride itself on law enforcers that have the capacity to respond timely when the need arises.

Affordable Living

The cost of living has gone up globally in recent times and can be attributed to inflation. This has caused panic among many inhabitants living in Ontario as the costs of renting and buying houses have increased. But statistics have shown the cost of living else in Ontario is 11% higher than in Ajax, and this reinforces the fact that people should be encouraged to come and settle here. The statistics have also been reported showing real estate prices are about 38% lower in Ajax than elsewhere, and this makes the town people-friendly as the prices of buying and renting are affordable. In addition, the residents of Ajax enjoy lower car insurance rates as compared to people owning cars in Toronto. Similarly, gas is cheaper in Ajax, retailing at least $ 1 less than in Toronto. Therefore, it is less costly to own and travel by car than using public transport means.

Quality of Education and Availability of Employment Opportunities

What are the education plans for your children? Would you like your children to obtain an education that guarantees them a better future? Ajax, Ontario, has the answers for you. The education system here is a blended curriculum that balances the academic achievement of students by integrating extra-curriculum activities and laying a strong foundation for sports and languages in preparing students for employment. The town reports a 92 % literacy rate making it an exciting place for people to move in. What is fascinating is that education is free for learners to 12th grade or commonly known as 12th standard. There is an influx of employment opportunities that guarantee inhabitants a source of livelihood.

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