Moving Checklist

Our professional moving company in Richmond Hill has been providing the best moving services to help clients move within Ontario efficiently for over twenty-five years. Canadian CT Movers’ full-service has created a checklist with expert moving tips to help you successfully prepare for your move-in. We offer the best moving services in Toronto, Ontario and other provinces across Canada. We are members of Canadian CT Movers, which represent the best movers in Canada.

Here are some things to your written or printable moving checklist to think about so that you are completely prepared for your moving day.

  • Estimate guaranteed if no additional items have been added since the moving estimate.
  • Your valuables will be wrapped safely and securely in padding and sheets for protection.
  • We provide in-home packing and unloading services and supply the boxes!
  • Long-distance container moving options can help you save money.
  • In-home estimator available to discuss cost-cutting measures, special handling requirements, and custom packaging.
  • Options for protection plans
  • Across Canada, there are affordable short- as well as long-term storage options for any type of delay.

Our Moving Checklist

Make your reservation with our full-service moving company before our calendar is full. The sooner you schedule your moving day for larger relocations or commercial moves, the better we can accommodate your preferred date. Contact one of our customer service representatives to tailor your moving plan to your budget, deadlines, and the moving services you require, such as moving labor, packing services, transportation, or storage options.

Containers are another way to transport your valuables. They are built with the intention of enduring and withstanding harsh conditions in all types of weather. This cost-effective option is ideal for families and individuals who do not require their items to be shipped directly to them.

Your personal items can be easily loaded and unloaded from our trucks or containers. They will also be kept separate and will not be mixed with anything else during your move. We can transport your personal items in containers as a cost-effective option as one of the top long-distance shifting companies in Canada.

The containers can also be used for storing valuables temporarily during or after your move.

Two Months Prior Moving Day

  • Begin planning ahead of time and book your move with our expert movers two months prior to avoid disappointment!
  • Get a free moving quote from one of our friendly moving consultants, who will make sure your move fits within your budget, specifications, and deadlines.
  • Collect boxes and consider purchasing all of your packing supplies from us!
  • Go through all of your belongings to identify unnecessary items and hold a yard sale.
  • Donate some items to a charity that can put them to good use in the community.
  • Inform friends and family that your address will be changed so that they can continue to send you heartfelt letters.
  • Create a menu that uses all of the food in the cupboard which you would not prefer taking with you.

Prepare Yourself for the Big Move!

  • Separately file your moving details, documents, and receipts.
  • Remove any unwanted frozen food and other ingredients from your refrigerator.
  • Create an inventory list that categorizes all of your belongings and organizes the items you want to keep, throw, or donate.
  • Make a list of the people and organizations you want to notify about your move and new address. Include people like your employers, friends, subscriptions, and creditors who will be affected by future changes.
  • Take into account the items that will require storage. Consider our storage space for your items in order to keep them in the best possible condition in our facility.
  • Put your important personal documents and records in a bag or box. To avoid losing these items during the move locate your financial documents, the house deed, medical and insurance records, legal papers, school records, stocks, vehicle registration, and wills.

Five Weeks Before Moving

  • Make arrangements with your post office to notify them of your address change. Prices and forms for this task are available on the Canada Post website.
  • Contact your utility providers to set up cable connection, internet, electric, gas, oil, garbage pickup, and water at your new home, and keep utilities connected at your current residence until the end of your moving day.
  • Hold a lawn or garage sale to get rid of any unwanted items.

One Month Before Moving Day

  • Make a plan to for the storage of your furniture. Our movers and packers will complete the moving process more quickly if they know where you want everything to go.
  • Contact building management to schedule the use of the building’s elevators and to obtain any guidelines for our movers on moving day.
  • Keep an inventory list of your belongings to avoid missing or losing them.
  • Begin your packaging by separating the items you will not require. Our expert packers can efficiently wrap and secure your personal items for extra protection during the move.
  • Label your moving boxes to keep your possessions organized and to ensure that loading and unloading goes smoothly.
  • When packing on your own, use the same high-quality moving supplies that our professional movers use to secure your belongings.
  • Make arrangements for your children or pets temporarily.

Two Weeks Before You Move

  • Confirm your upcoming move with us to cross-check your budget, timeline, moving services, and any last-minute changes to your move.
  • Confirm your moving checklist to make sure that everything is in order.
  • Clean and thaw your refrigerator and freezer, and unplug all electronics and appliances.
  • Pack a bag with your important documents, wallet, chargers, medications, a sweater, and any jewelry you want to bring with you.
  • Ensure that your home is clean and that you are prepared to have our movers load all of your personal items and move them to your new home.

One Day Before Moving Out

  • You will be contacted prior to your moving day to go over what to expect during and after your move, as well as to confirm if you would like to make any final changes.
  • You can reach us at any time (24/7) for immediate assistance.

Moving Day

  • Get up early to pack your beds and any last-minute items.
  • Be present at your home when our professional full-service movers arrive with the appropriate size truck and tools to begin your moving day.
  • Before unloading all of your moving boxes, unpack your essentials.
  • While your moving packages are being unloaded, go over your inventory list to ensure that everything arrived safely.
  • Inform our movers of the proper locations for your boxes in your new home, as well as any special instructions for your valuable items.
  • Once our movers delivered all your belongings and complete the move to your satisfaction. Please call head office to advise management of the method of payment you prefer in order to receive invoice as well as receipt of payment.

After Your Move Is Finished

Write a review to let us know how your moving day went! We enjoy hearing about our customers’ moving experiences because it provides us with valuable feedback that allows us to continue to improve our services. Read our customer testimonials to learn more about how our professional movers can assist you in moving to your new home or office.  At Canadian CT Movers we provide moving services for all types of move-ins.

Book Your Moving Day with Canadian CT Movers

Are you prepared to make a move? Canadian CT Movers provides the best moving services in the GTA, other parts of Ontario, and throughout Canada. Allow us to assist you in moving forward by efficiently relocating your home or office. Using our professional movers and packers can assist you in achieving the logistical precision of a world-class moving company!

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