Moving over the Holidays (or any other occasion)

A picture of how boxes are packed during the moving procedure

While some people enjoy the long weekend by relaxing, others use it to get important things done, like moving. You should study Canadian CT Movers’ professional moving guidelines for relocating over a holiday weekend if you intend to move your home during that time.

Everybody looks forward to spending a special day with their closest friends and neighbors. We also want to be with our loving family members, who typically visit when there is an occasion and are full of great suggestions on how to keep things running around the house. However, there are individuals who also plan a significant relocation, so let’s see what professional and stress-free moving advice we should keep in mind when moving during the holidays.

Make early bookings for a move

Many moving companies might be reserved due to the increased demand for moving over a holiday weekend. To avoid being forced to work with an untrustworthy or expensive moving firm, try to schedule your move as early as possible. In Toronto, Canadian CT Movers offers premium moving services at competitive prices.

Preparing as early as you can is one of the greatest pieces of advice for one stress-free move this holiday season. You should begin preparing for your relocation at least 6 weeks before the actual day of the transfer, according to our Toronto home movers. This will make it easier for you to plan, coordinate, and manage all the duties required to move your house. Last-minute scrambling will only increase tension and anger. Contact our Toronto house movers today.

There will be a lot of people that share your thoughts and have inspiring projects in mind! There is no doubt about the strong demand for a moving company to assist with all the moves that will occur on Labor Day, so reserve your moving day early. Canadian CT Movers will offer competitive pricing for our top-notch moving services. Do not be hesitant to call us!

Create a moving checklist

This is a crucial step to consider when moving because it helps you coordinate your next move effectively. Before moving day, a moving checklist can help you keep organized. Our moving checklist contains all the moving information and ideas that our award-winning, experienced movers have to offer. The following are essential things that need to be considered when packing to move.

Get Packing!

We recognize that packing may take up a lot of your moving day time and that it can be the most stressful part of moving. To be ready for moving day, take your time organizing yourself and packing up all of your possessions. The knowledgeable packers and residential movers at Canadian CT Movers have provided the following moving and packing advice:

  • If you decide to pack on your own, buy premium moving supplies from us for the same dependable packing materials that are used by our professional moving team.
  • Organize your possessions into categories and donate anything you don’t need. Your possessions will be safe during shipment with our reasonably priced packing and moving kits, and they won’t sustain any harm.
  • To quickly reassemble your equipment in your new house, locate the manuals for each one.
  • As your moving day approaches, start by packing your decorative items before moving on to your critical possessions.
  • Label your moving boxes to keep them organized and to let our movers know which room each box belongs in and whether or not they should be extra cautious while handling particular goods if the box is heavy or fragile.
  • Prepare a separate bag containing clothes, tips for the movers, vital papers, prescription drugs, laptop, and phone chargers, toiletries, and other items you might need.
  • As you pack your belongings, consider whether a storage option is necessary. Many of our customers learn they require short- or long-term storage at our storage facility when they are packing. During your moving day appointment, you can learn more about your storage alternatives.

Furniture disassembly/reassembly, customized installation, labeling moving boxes, custom packing for specialty items, and securing your belongings for transportation are all included in our full-service packing offer. For a successful move during the long weekend, take advantage of our all-inclusive moving services. To make your packing job appear simple, our Richmond Hill packing and moving business exclusively uses first-rate moving supplies and services.

Make sure you have a bag for all your essentials

A suitcase or duffel bag that contains the supplies you’ll need in the first few days after moving is called an essentials bag. So the stress-free moving advice is to keep a bag of your essential goods close by rather than having to sort through moving boxes in your new house. A toothbrush, deodorant, spare pair of clothes, chargers, any necessary medications, your money, and a few snacks should all be in your basics pack.

Don’t try to clean your house on moving day

Moving day will be stressful, especially if it falls on a holiday. Do not wait until moving day to tidy your home. Our movers at Canadian CT Movers engage in the struggle to make your moving day successful because we want you to be completely satisfied with our services. In addition to the difficulty of the holiday traffic for our movers, attempting to clean your house in time for moving day can add to the stress of the move. Our goal at Canadian CT Movers is to make your relocation the best it can be. Plan to clean your home or apartment three days or more before moving.

Before moving day, our local movers advise cleaning your house. On the day of the relocation, a lot of activities will take place, including movers entering and leaving your house. Starting to clean your flat or house on moving day is not a good idea. It could cause your movers to be late or put them at risk of falling.

One of our stress-free moving suggestions for the Christmas season is to clean your house a week before the actual move. After the movers are finished and all of your items have been removed, you may also give the area one last cleaning.

Cleaning on the same day just takes up more of your time which you could have used to move and finish much earlier. This in turn will cause your moving day to get prolonged. This is why we highly recommend not cleaning on the same day.

Need the Best GTA Moving Services? Hire Our Toronto Movers!

You should organize your relocation roughly a month in advance, according to our moving and storage business in Toronto. Together with the ones you are moving with, you should estimate how long and challenging your move will be. People who are moving frequently underestimate how long it takes to pack their goods, therefore we advise allowing anywhere between two and three weeks to pack your belongings thoroughly.

For instance, people frequently forget to take into account their huge collection of fine china and serving pieces when moving for Thanksgiving. When packing a house over Thanksgiving, movers should take these types of things into consideration and make appropriate plans. Hire our Toronto professionals for expert packing assistance if you need assistance with packing.

Hire a reputable moving and storage company to help you on moving day as our final stress-free moving advice. The greatest moving service Toronto has to offer is provided by our full-service moving company. We provide a range of moving services, such as labor-only home moves, expert packing, and storage.

Are you prepared to see what Greater Toronto Area’s Top-Moving and Storage Company has to offer? Start your journey by getting a free instant quote. Please contact our team of experts at Canadian CT Movers Inc. by calling at (416) 857-1500. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our services.