Things to do in Barrie

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Who ever said that you cannot have fun in Barrie? We are absolutely convinced that you would never say such a thing once you simply have a look around. Then you would start going from place to place to completely forget the time that you came!

Centennial Park

There really is no better place to relax than at Centennial Park. It truly is a wonderful amenity that could be the go-to weekly destination for the entire family. Try taking a walk within its trails, and look at the great scenery from our mother nature. Set up your own towel right at the sandy beach to feel the breeze coming across from the cool waters. A family barbeque is sure to please the entire house as soon as the fire gets going on the grill. You don’t need our advice in the enjoyment of such simple things. It comes as an unexpected surprise that the mind simply seems to unwind on its own. 

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

You certainly are no longer in Kansas when you get to visit the prestiged source of a very unique draught at Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery. The taste gives you the special sensation at the tip of the tongue as the drink fizzes in the glass. You may not be just going for that pint for your own pleasure but end up making new friends. Of course, there is nothing which you could just simply enjoy on your own when Barrie is filled with community members who are all looking forward to sharing a drink or two!

The Spirit Catcher

The great monument stands by Kempenfelt Bay to look out over the landscape with an eerie touch of the overbearing nature which surrounds it. As you stare at the piece of art, you may start having imaginations which you never thought you would have before. There are lots of things which we experience when we simply take the moment to observe. The Spirit Catcher spreads expansively while standing large in its steel frame. It is a wonderful reminder of what a simple upward look at the expanse of the sky can feel like. 

The Antiques Centre

You just get the strange feeling that the old things are always present to perhaps last an entire lifetime. There is no single explanation why antiques are held on to for generations. You can only know and feel that old things have very peculiar intrinsic value once you forget about an item being old and simply learn to appreciate it from time to time. You will find that all objects that are placed by the house plant, the television or any other place in the home are valuable simply just by being there. The more that an antique is surrounded with people who identify with them, the more memories that are to keep them alive for generations to remind you of its lasting quality.

Family Fun at the Farms

There really is no better feeling than to be a child at the farm and being care-free. You would start reminiscing about the good old days of childhood once you visit the Chapell Farm with your family. Just imagine a life in the countryside while you go through the corn mazes, watch various shows with your children, be driven in the back of a tractor and simply just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a rural area. The sight of farm animals will remove you from all your troubles as you notice their utter adorableness right in front of you!

We hope that you have now considered Barrie to be an amazing place for you to get settled in with your family. Feel free to call management at Canadian CT Movers at (416) 857-1500 and ask about the best value of moving services which you can receive by moving to Barrie. You clearly will not run out of things to do here!

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