Things to Know Before You Decide to Move to Aurora Ontario

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Considering living in Aurora, but you need to figure out what it is like? Aurora community is one of the safest places to live in Ontario. It is friendly for residents with families and those working in the city of Toronto since the city is just 40 minutes. Aurora has a lot to offer to residents that makes it a desirable place to have an excellent living experience. Consider the following benefits of living in Aurora and consider moving there.

Friendly Cost of Living

Aurora is a friendly and affordable city for people with families. The cost of living in Aurora is 10% higher than the national average but lower than Ontario’s average, which is 11%. Home prices are friendly and range from affordable to expensive based on your financial plan. Residents can rent a place to live through luxurious apartments, condos, and townhomes with desirable security levels and rent ranging from $1,300 to $4,500, depending on the house size. Aurora residents spend $155 on average monthly to pay for utilities, with friendly food and gas prices that make a living here easy and cost-friendly.

Excellent Education Institutions

Are you concerned about your children getting quality education? Don’t worry. Aurora schools provide excellent education through its provincial and national institutions. The town is home to the best French Immersion schools, the notable being Lester B. Person Public School. If you consider private schools, the notable one is St. Andrews College, with a reputation for providing education to the boy child. Schools are affordable and give amenities to children, such as sports complexes, theatre, music, and art, to boost their talents. Schools have friendly environments for your children to make them feel at home through parental-centric administration and therapeutic relationships between students and instructors.

Close Proximity to the City

Aurora’s residents easily access Toronto City through 404 Highway, which is a 40 minutes’ drive. Thus, if you move to Aurora, you will enjoy the benefits that come with living close to a city, such as high wages and booming economic activity that comes with fine living. For instance, the average salary in Aurora is $3,945, which allows individuals to enjoy a better while saving money as they wish. Aurora is also a commercial hub with businesses like large companies such as Amazon, Bulk Barn Foods, and national banks that create employment for residents. The businesses provide services to the people, and you do not have to go to the city to do shopping, pay school fees, or seek mortgages. They make Aurora self-sufficient for residents to save on transportation and fuel costs.

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