7 Wonderful Tips To Make Packing Easier

Of course, moving to a new home can be extremely stressful. We would like to make your shifting day go as smoothly as possible by providing some helpful packing tips. Moving as a whole necessitates a great deal of organization and logistics in order for our clients to be satisfied with their moving day. You must relocate your lively hood to a completely new location that you are unfamiliar with, which requires all your thought and planning.

If you do not properly manage the relocation of everyone and everything, including your children and pets, you may be setting yourself up for inconvenience and stress. Follow our helpful hints to make packing easier and to accomplish success.

The worst-case scenario is arriving in your empty, unknown new home with boxes full of your belongings that are unlabeled and misplaced. This is what we might call being stranded on a deserted island, but not everyone can become Robinson Crusoe at the perfect time. Why not make plans to move into your lovely and new home as soon as possible?

Let us do everything we can to avoid using Robinson Crusoe as our moving guide. After all, our expert movers will never abandon you anywhere especially not in a deserted island. We can confidently state that our clients have been far happier than that!

There is no greater moment than achieving a successful moving day that reflects your vision for all of the happy times ahead of you. Let us go back to the grind as soon as you consider moving and the gears start turning!

Before Moving Day


You might not like the idea of getting your hands dirty in all areas of your home. Regardless of that y ou will not be sorry that you took the time to declutter and make all of the possible options of a successful move a reality.

Where should you begin? Consider visiting the loft or attic, the shed, the garage, as well as the rooms where you may have hidden your long-forgotten valuables. Try to picture everything you’ll need to bring with you to start a new life in your new home right now.

Begin making a list of the items that will be placed inside your boxes. Consider how much space each item will take in your new home.’  Many of us have far too many items in our homes. Let us use this opportunity to finally declutter our belongings!

You can also consider the monetary value of decluttering. Our all-inclusive moving company will effectively clean up your mess.

However, we would like to encourage our clients to save that money for something else if at all possible. At Canadian CT Movers, we do our part in helping you achieve your goals, and we will fill in the gaps where needed too. At the same time, we enjoy empowering people with our incredible helpful hints to keep them moving.


Finding everything that you need to take with you to your new home is part of the decluttering process.   Setting up some quick sketches next to each other will also work well. Make a list of the items in each of the rooms in your current home and mark them according to the room they will end up in. Another excellent idea is to organise the items into categories based on their intended use or destination. Determine an appropriate strategy for getting everything in order.

Consider the following scenario: You are moving into your new home with a larger dining room and kitchen. Is that something you’ve heard before? You might begin to think that converting the dining room into a office would be a fantastic idea. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a more relaxed work environment? However, there is a lot of stuff to move into the rooms, and that might take up all the space.

So do not get frustrated and use your creativeness to save space, ensuring that everything is placed in your living room and kitchen while the best office setup is within your reach. Consider the power of advance planning!

*EXPERT TIP* As larger items such as furniture arrive, you must already know where to put them. This will save a significant amount of time, effort, and stress when the time comes.


Let us turn your rough idea of where all your belongings should go in your new home.

Color coordinating can be a good strategy for labeling every location in your home because it makes the exact plans for your move visible for others to follow. You can do this work with highlighters or colored sticky notes to cover all areas of your new home that need to be labeled for the accurate and precise setup of your belongings.

You will save time by not having to be present to give our movers directions. Leaving a visual reminder in each of the rooms could help both our movers and yourself finish what needs to be done.

Consider other ways to handle the move more efficiently for your own satisfaction. Our professional movers will gladly work with you to determine all necessary steps to take in order to provide you with the best moving service.

Label large furniture to prevent them from being moved into the wrong room. This will assist our movers in determining where things should go. If you label different sides of the box, you can find the label even when they are stacked.


Next, your belongings will be stored properly within the packages that are placed in the rooms to which they all belong. All of your belongings are waiting for you to unpack them so you can begin putting together your new life. However, take it one step at a time. Also, not everything will have to be unpacked. You can unpack one box at a time.

Things To Do On Moving Day


What things might look like on moving day, what to pack when moving, and how to you ensure that all of your personal belongings are safe and ready for use? If there are any delays in moving into your new home, try a minimalist approach to help you settle in. You may end up looking for your bedtime items and toiletries; try to plan ahead so that the days ahead are pleasant as you settle in.

Here is a list of things you should remember to bring with you.

  • A file for all documents and paperwork such as invoices, forms, medical records, and legal documents for all matters still in the process of being settled.
  • Coffee, milk, tea bags, cups, biscuits, the kettle, and whatever else you would immediately need after being settled.
  • Your kids’ favorite action figures, teddy, toys, a blanket, nightie/to pj’s keep them well occupied during unpacking Your pet’s food, bowl, snacks, bed, and favorite toys.
  • Toiletries


Make unpacking a priority and begin living one day at a time. Ensure that all of the big items are unpacked and prioritized once they have been moved to the appropriate rooms. Our movers will assist you in realizing your vision by arranging everything in the appropriate rooms keeping your objectives in mind.

Start by learning what your new home looks like now and what it will look like afterward. Try these steps in this order:

  • Furniture and other major items to be placed in fixed locations throughout the home. This includes curtains and other decors that requires the use of equipment and careful planning
  • Items that must be used right away
  • Items that would otherwise be easily stored and ready for use
  • Leave the items that will go in the rooms for decoration later.


Your prized possessions are all packed and ready for you to move into your new home! You may be exhausted after a long day of moving, but don’t stop and rest too quickly, leaving some boxes untouched.

You don’t want your boxes to get lost after a while and then discover they’re still there after several months! Start by taking little pieces of your life out of their cartons and put them back together!

We hope you enjoyed reading the post and learned something from it as well. At Canadian CT Movers we are proud to always provide the best for our clients, and want them to be satisfied with their move from start to finish. Stay on the website and take a look around for more blogs like this. Other moving tips may be available to help you realize your dreams.